Forms and types

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Forms and types
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Forms and types

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There are many different forms and types of crystals. Let's study the main ones.

Generator crystals

Large crystals or crystals with faces consisting of regular triangles are called generator crystals. They can be used as energy sources to activate other crystals in crystalline compounds or in crystal configurations for meditation.

When you do not use crystals, you can place them to “recharge” in a circle with the generator crystal in the center. This will allow them to maintain the movement of energy flows and full energy capacity.

When you buy a single-ended generator crystal, you need to pay attention to several points. One of the most important factors is the top. It is important that the faces and the top do not have blotches or notches. In addition, the more transparent the crystal, the better. Some experts believe that internal transparency is necessary for transmitting the energy through the crystal.

The principle of amplification of energy by crystals is based on the fact that the energy channels of Space pass through them. Human thought can be the key that opens this channel.

Dimensions of generator crystals are from 6 cm and more. They can be worn or put in prominent or hidden positions. Since the crystals may be clots of strength, you have to treat them with respect.

The most popular crystals are amethyst, citrine and smoky quartz. These are generator crystals with their special essence.

Double-ended crystals

There are crystals pointed at two ends. These are special crystals that have the ability to transfer our energy from any side. Double crystals are completely retreated into themselves. They have achieved perfection on both sides.

Simple holding such a crystal in your hand for five minutes soothes and relaxes. It also brings great stability of emotions and mind.


You can observe small pyramids inside some crystals. These pyramids are called phantoms. They mark the formation of the crystal like rings of trees.

Some crystals with phantoms have many internal intersecting lines that can reveal the secrets of crystals. Phantom crystals are quite rare.


Spheres adjust and train people. Crystal spheres have a huge impact on the development of occultism, they are an object of power and mental abilities. For thousands of years, quartz spheres have been used for foresight.

Spheres of the right shape may be more expensive than crystals, but their beauty and perfection justify the cost.