The mood of your home

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Tornimäe tn 7-26, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn, Harju maakond, 10145

Mon-Fri, 9am-9pm

The mood of your home
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The mood of your home

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It is no secret that arranging special accents in the interior is not an easy task. It depends largely on accessories, lighting and fragrances.

There is one original way that will help you create the right mood, regardless of the style that you prefer — strict Scandinavian minimalism or luxurious art deco. You need natural minerals.

The predominance of natural, unprocessed textures in the interior is a trend that did not appear yesterday. Wood furniture or deliberately rough brick walls are well-known, so the usage of minerals in the form of a druse, spheres or energy crystals is a logical continuation of this trend.

We will tell you about some options for using minerals in the interior in this article.

Decorative element

The easiest way is to place minerals in your current interior, for example, on a table, on a shelf or in a bookcase. We recommend observing several simple rules for keeping the stone in harmony with the surrounding objects: 

  1. Place the stones so that they can be combined with the interior color palette. Then minerals will not seem a foreign element.
  2. Small minerals can be combined with wooden surfaces and walls painted in calm solid colors.
  3. Crystals and druse can be used as separators between a vase and books or on the edge of the shelf. A sphere or a stone with an uneven profile diversify the series of straight lines and surfaces.

 If you use several different minerals, you have to clarify how they combine and to consider their characteristics. For example, it is not recommended to leave an amethyst on the sunny side of the room, since it can change its color under the effect of temperature.

Color accent

The following option is the opposite. You can make minerals the main rationale of your interior. For example, put it on the coffee table. Minerals in the form of a crystal, a geode or a sphere can be suitable. Try to choose minerals that are large enough to attract attention. Minerals do not have to seem forgotten on the surface. You can choose different crystals of unusual colors or with geodes inside. For example, green prehnite, moss agate or sunstone look vividly and extraordinary in a calm interior.


Crystals can not only be installed on the surface, but they can also be embedded in a bizarre edging from a harness or a thread. And then you can hang it in an unexpected place. A metal wire may be used instead of a thread. This method is really widespread. Materials are available, the main thing is to cast off fear and try to create beauty yourself even if you have never used a wire!


Stone mosaic is one of the most ancient materials for decor. The first mosaics were made of simple materials like pebbles and small stones. Technology was improving and mosaic drawings became more detailed and complex.

The pattern may be simple. Combine breeds at your discretion. It can be a panel from druse or crystals or one of the decorative elements for the walls.