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Tornimäe tn 7-26, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn, Harju maakond, 10145

Mon-Fri, 9am-9pm

Labradorite chain necklace


Short description: This universal hand-made necklace is decorated with one genuine faceted bead from labradorite. The clasp is Lobster Claw. The set also includes a stainless-steel hypoallergenic chain. Select your bead before the order.

The labradorite pendant will be a great gift for those who love natural stones. It also looks stunning in combination with other jewelry.

Size: labradorite bead is 2 cm. The length of the chain is 45 cm.

Birthstone:  March, November

Metaphysical properties: This is the Stone of Magic, a crystal of shamans, soothsayers, healers and everyone who goes around the universe in search of knowledge. In the metaphysical world, Labradorite is considered one of the strongest defenders. The gem creates a shield for the aura and protects against the negativity of the world. The labradorite stone stimulates the throat chakra.

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